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Health Tips eBook



When you look at the health care system today, you can’t help but notice the many problems that have emerged in the last decade. For example, we are hearing about more and more issues with vaccines---the problems they cause; the toxic ingredients in them; catastrophic life effects and deaths that have occurred with no legal recourse for the families. We see advertising on TV exhorting people to try all these new drugs for whatever ails you, and then you have to shudder when you hear them list all the possible side-effects, which might include death! I have seen friends struggling to deal with chronic health issues having to take handfuls of pills every day, and never getting any better.

After being in the medical field for many years, I decided to look for other healthier, more natural ways to deal with any health issues I might have. I read an article entitled NATURE’S AMAZING HEALING OILS by Biotech News which exposed me to Essential Oils, produced by a company in Utah. They are the only company to have their own farms as well as partner farms all over the world, and grow the plants/trees/flowers, etc. on land without chemicals or pesticides. Then they harvest and distill them at the best time to get the highest quality oils; test them extensively and then seal them for us to use. I was so impressed with the comments from doctors and scientists and reading the chemistry of the oils, what they do in the body, and how they can impact the cells that I just had to try them.

I’ve been using them for 19 years and have found so much help in so many ways from using them. I just have to share them with you, so that you, too, can have access to this tool to put in your health tool-kit. I admit to being biased and totally passionate when it comes to talking about them, because I have so many personal experiences and testimonials on how effective and impacting they are. I will share a few testimonies with you as I tell you about some situations you might find yourself in, and what you might try in order to change it for the better.

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