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The Final Quarter

What happens if you are so full of energy, ‘get-up- and-go’, desire to travel and impact people, share all you’ve learned, and are healthy-- -- -but you’ve just turned 75??!! Is this where you are supposed to ‘retire’ and let the younger generation have the playing field?


What happens as your body starts to age-- -- physically, mentally, and spiritually? I had to take an in-depth look at each area and share what I am learning as I go along on this journey.

What can you do to improve and have optimal health where you are right now-- -whatever your age is?

What should you consider if you are in your Final Quarter-- -- and each one of us may be there as we have no assurance of another tomorrow-- -and what can you do to improve your chances of living longer?

What kind of legacy are you leaving for your family, kids, friends, clients?
These are questions I have addressed as I’ve shared my life-- -the Defining Moments which brought me to where I am right now at the age of 75.

What are the moments that have defined your path in life?

I look at the tool God gave me to impact all those around me. I share with you this tool that has impacted thousands of people all over the world. I help you to look at your life to see what your own tools are that you've been given.

I invite you to come with me on this journey to see where YOU are headed.


Available now for Pre-orders.  This item will be shipped early this summer 2018.  Please fill out the form below to reserve your copy!